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1. Does the indicator repaint?
No, once the candle has closed with the arrow it stays where it is.

2. Will it work on all time frames and pairs?
Currently only AU and EU are optimised to show best arrows. I will optimise at least all the major pairs first. ETA for major pairs is 1st of October. Major pairs include GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, Gold, Silver, XTIUSD

3. What time frame does it work best on?
Min 15 to Daily is best.

4. Is the indicator multi time frame compatible?
Yes, however the settings I am sending out do not use MTF. The accuracy is great and no need for MTF. MTF features can cause repainting or delayed signals, however I have something very exciting in the pipe line regarding MTF to improve signal and overcome any repaint issues.

5. Why did I see an arrow then it disappear?
Arrow will appear while the candle is forming short or long signal. Once the candle closes with the arrow, and the alert given, then the arrow will not disappear. Only take the signal once an alert has been given.

6. How long will the trial continue?
The trial expires on the 6th of September. However I will extend the trial until 6th of October. After that the trial period finishes and it must be purchased.

7. How much will it cost?
The price will be $200 USD for FF members, until further notice. I cannot guarantee how long this price will stay like this or how many licences I will continue to sell before I decide enough is enough  😉 

8. How long have you been using this indicator?
The indicator has been in development for four years, and many thousands of dollars. I am not a programmer I just study forex and come up with the strategy, so it’s been costly hiring programmers. Many trials and errors to get to this stage of accuracy. I still hold my stance that this is the best non repainting arrow indicator on the market.

9. What updates are planned for the indicator?
Updates will be free for those that have purchased.

A separate indicator may be added to visually see ranging and trending areas. This will free for those that have bought the Trend Master Indicator, and a separate price for those that have not.

News monitoring EA, where it will close your trade before the given time set. Eg.. If set to (5) it will close any open trades 5 minutes before high impact news. Also it will disable you from taking a trade 5 minutes before news or after news (configurable). It also has the ability to set trailing stops on your manual trades, and close trade on opposite signal. A hidden SL option will be given. This update is expected before end of year.
Sold separately for those that have not purchased Trend Master.

10. Will there be a fully automatic EA?
I plan to release a fully automatic EA beginning early next year. Much testing needs to be done to ensure it works well before released.

11. How can I reach you for support?
Please ask questions on the forum under support.
However you can join the support Skype room at which will most likely become obsolete as the forum grows.
For general enquires you can use the Contact Us from the main menu.

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